Springfield Animal Hospital: rude, disorganized, dirty, WORST!

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WORST BOARDING AND VET EXPERIENCE EVER!!!DON'T GO to Springfield Animal Hospital in Springfield, PA (Delaware County).

They are down to one doc and she is rude and has no "bedside manners." Scared my dog so much she lost bowel control on the vet because she didn't take a second to establish trust with my nervous dog. And the male tech who is always is arrogant and rude. Last time I boarded her he said "your dog may be in charge at home but not here!" He obviously dislikes her. Then they gave her back with a bleeding nail.

Had blood all over me: no apology! They botched up her nails because they said "she was squirmy". Isn't that their job? Besides this, you have to wait forever to be waited on…SLOW and DISORGANIZED.

They told us when we dropped her off she wasn't due for Kennel Cough vac or any other shots but when I picked her up 3 days later they had given her Kennel Cough vac (on the bill) and told me she was due for lyme and some other shot. These are just a few examples of my experiences there. And it is dirty and smells! They have lost a lot of clients and I am now one.

I won't ever go back.Be advised.

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